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May 2020

Nashville, TN

Bachus Co. Inc.



Larry Bachus, also known as The Pump Guy, is the founder of Bachus Inc.


The Bachus Company's founder and motivating force is Larry Bachus. Larry has more than 40 years of experience in the industrial pump arena. His areas of expertise include diagnosing pump problems and seal failure.

Larry’s spirit for invention began as a child. Larry could always make his bicycle, electric train, or lawn mower do things they were not designed to do.

Larry was first exposed to pumps as a teenager, when he took a job as a mechanic apprentice in a steel mill. In 1968, Larry went into the Navy and continued working with pumps. After the military, Larry graduated from the University of Alabama in Birmingham. For a number of years, Larry sold and repaired pumps and pump parts. At night, he began designing his own products and solutions to pump problems.

Today, Larry travels the United States and the World lecturing on pumps. He speaks fluent English and Spanish, and can conduct his courses and consultations in both languages. Larry has written a book on pumps in both English and Spanish, both are available for sale on our books page.


To learn more about Larry Bachus, download his biography in English or Spanish.