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The training course


Download the Training Course


The pump training is a 4-day seminar. However, it can be abbreviated into a shorter format by selecting only specific topics to be covered.


To provide plant personnel with technical training on pumps including:


  • Pump theory

  • Correct pump design

  • Correct pump maintenance

  • Correct pump operation
  • Troubleshooting pump, seal and bearing failure



  • Increase equipment useful life

  • Reduce pump maintenance and unplanned failure

  • Increase production time


Who should attend?

Maintenance, Process and Production Engineers, Reliability Engineers, Design Engineers, Pump Operators, Mechanical Maintenance Technicians, Instrumentation and Process Control Technicians, and anyone associated with industrial pumps.


Participants will leave the training with specific knowledge to eliminate mysterious pump failures, improve the running time and service life on a population of industrial pumps.  For more info, or to schedule a training, please call Larry Bachus at 615-361-7295 or send an email to


Training schedule


2018 Schedule
Date Location Organizer Contact/Link
Oct 8-11 Houston, TX Petrolessons
(713) 376-9776 or
Oct 22-25 New Orleans, LA Petrolessons
(713) 376-9776 or
Nov 5-8 Los Angeles, CA Petrolessons
(713) 376-9776 or